This is your Wisdom Empire

“The image of the duck turning to gaze at the egg from which it came reminds us that our personal history and the unique qualities we were born with contain everything we need to guide us forward”

Prudence and savyyness reside in the past. The ancient cocoons the wisdom of the Past within their inner pensive –the Inner Self. E'lorm symbolically thrives on collecting enlightenment, rooted deep within our unrevealed selves. Like one collects shells at low tide. Treasure closets of wisdom; let the power of E'lorm bird glides in you as the guiding torch. Let the fragrance of wisdom wraps you to crack the hard shells of the unknown. Embrace its wings and fly beyond the limits of tangible knowledge.

The magical wand of the Past soothes your souls with its wisdom. We spin webs of wisdom daily, to our ignorance - Now is the call! Rise and realise inner wisdom to its fullest. Similarly to the E'lorm bird, turning its head inward to its back, you need to peep deep down within your core. And feel the light of wisdom drenching you like the sweet drizzle.

The Past - is the well of knowledge and wisdom from which one can gradually derive the acumen of the Universe. No shovel, no hoe, no scissors, no bucket - are really needed to exhaust wisdom. Invisible. Odourless. Intangible. Yet, deeply felt. Wisdom is no concrete object; rather an abstract essence jubilating from the Past. Wisdom does not seek any certificate, but an ability to understand and feel.

Genuine wisdom is authenticated when you start from scratch. That is, to know thyself. Thy + self is the ultimate state of being. Breaking the shackles of mundanity, looking inwards elevate our souls to the aesthetic magnitude of knowing. We’re global - multidirectional powerhouses of inner wisdom. The enlightening vibes of wisdom free our souls from their stagnancy. Let the powers of the Past enliven your soul.

We’re the brand ambassadors of wisdom - of the Past - of Thyself. Inward looking is a promise for wisdom. A promise of the E'lorm !

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”



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