“This symbol depicts the North Star in the sky awaiting the return of her husband, the moon. This symbol honors the harmony of a faithful relationship”

L-o-v-e! A four-letter word - appears to be 4 empty alphabets beaded together. In a world which is racing against time, coveting materialism in different walks of life; in a world where God is a mere liability, Love fades. Love is saleable. A marketed feeling. People confuse love for sex and misunderstand sex for love. Love has lost its platonicity. It gained its carnality in the momentum of globalisation. We collect love just like we collect empty shells abandoned ashore.

We come across Love in different shades and hues: Sweet-Bitter. Faithful-Betrayal. Mono-Poly. Real-Fake. Friendship-[Be]loved-Extramarital. Divine-Spiritual. We meet Love in its multiculturality. Today, E'lorm rings the clarion bell. It is high time that you review that feeling, sacred within its own self, from a fresh eye.

Love is the melody of the souls in its attempt to thrive towards outlive the emptiness of life. It paints the hazy canvasses of our existences. Love is the binder across borders. Love holds the secret to restore. To repair wreckages of your existence. To rescue from the dark engulfing abysses. Free yourself from the cacophony of lovelessness, materiality and loss. Come and let’s walk together on this new path of self-discovery. Love mothers and fathers our inner being, hidden in the shadows of our emotional web. E'lorm thrives to hold your hand and walk the path of Love again. To rediscover Love - the feeling trampled under the burdens of the material world.

Love is the universal strength of Being. To relive Love in its purity and innocence. Woo Love back into your life. Experience the magic with its tinkles.

Love motivates. Love strengthens. Love forgives. Love promises. Love loves without conditions. Love follows the rule of the Universe. Love perseveres. Love is patience. Love is respect. Love is sharing. Love has no colour. Love has no creed. Love has no religion. Love has no size. Love shatters all barriers. Love is our inborn powerhouse.

With E'lorm , let’s team up in the spirit of Love to reinvigorate the divinity of this emotion. E'lorm calls for the celebration of Love. And, together, let’s unshackle the bondages to neutralise the rust in our emotional aura. United, Love blooms. It penetrates you with indomitable powers to learn and live.

Unlock your potentials to respect, accept, tolerate and love unconditionally. Unlearn to relearn to listen to the whispers of universal Love. Once more, take time and feel the pulsating Love bubbling within. Redirect your thought and emotional patterns to readily embrace the imperfections around you. Rediscover the spirit of positivity deeply seated within your bosom. Similarly to the infinity of time and space, open the doors for the E'lorm -ic flow within you deep into the oceans of love. Love defies time in its healing energy.

Love is the Soul of our soul. A feeling sought by you, me and everyone. Love breathes in the universal vibes within us - turning our lives worthy of being. Open your soul to the frequency of universal Love.

Let’s redirect our heart and mind to the Soul of our life - Love. With the power of Love, we are miracles. Reinvent yourself with the tonic of your soul.

“If music be the food of love, play on”


Journal by:

Dr. Shyama Ramsamy


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