Amphibians live in the water yet breathe the air, demonstrating the strength in being able to accept change and to change ourselves over time, while never losing the essence of who we are.

With the craze of transborder movement, the world has now become a compartment of adjustments, assimilations and adaptability. Amphibians are dotted with the blessed natural aptitude to live in water and on earth. A boon! This talent in itself is a motivational push towards reaching the sky. Similarly, humans share an amphibian gift of adjustments. Human beings are forced [in]voluntarily to turn themselves into chameleons to adapt easily to their immediate surroundings, diverging contexts, and their invariably mutating selves. These reptilians teach us how adaptability assists them in maintaining the essence of their existential self.

Human beings are bound to be flexible to survive. Adaptability is the roaring call of the technologically modern jungle. We moult daily to be accepted, recognised and to ensure our survival mode. E'lorm invites you into a world of probing into and adapting to your inner versions to spread colours around. Just like the chameleon takes up new hues to fit in, we need to repaint ourselves with the colours of adaptability. Accepting changes is a mature look into life.

To mature in embracing changes is proof of willpower and indomitable inner strength. Adaptability is the formula for acceptance and reinvention of the self. The natural flow of one’s ability to sustain and persevere in spontaneous mutations. This naturally gifted faculty, when pruned, is witness to inspirational motivations.

E'lorm builds new avenues for you to realise your hidden strength towards adaptability. Uncover your secret potentials. Embrace your new version! Revitalise yourself in newness. Uplift your Self in regeneration. Renew your stocks of inward dialogues in clarity, creating an existential equilibrium. Energize your inner self.

“When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge.”

-Tuli Kupferberg-

“To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly”

-Henri Bergson-

Journal by:

Dr. Shyama Ramsamy


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