The ram's horns symbolize strength, but also the need to remain humble. One who fights only for the sake of reputation, risks losing the fight at hand.

You’re the phenomenal portal to vivify yourself. Shout out to yourself to realise the magnificence of humility. Bob Proctor in The Secret claims it loud and clear that “you are the creator of you”. AND, humility is your tool to turn yourself into a magical being emanating the universal virtue - to be humble. The greater humility you nurture, the higher degree of realisation you attain. Being humble sets you apart from the crowd. Send the frequencies of humbleness around and watch out! Magic!

Humility grooms your Inner Self to empathise with the world. You start to re-live yourself as well as sharpen your understanding of those revolving around. It is an inborn gift. To be humble - nullifies pessimism and angst. It makes real; down to earth. It overshadows arrogance, complexes and vices.

It is tapped strength; a will power fully-charged with holistic fortification. You’re the breathing doctrine of humility. NOW - is the time to gift this air of purity, empathy, warmth and humanism to the greater cosmos.

It guides you into the Soul of the World as Paulo Coelho philosophises in his The Alchemist. Be humble to look into yourself and sieve your inner being from all the limitations. Transgress those barriers with humility and redefine the new version of your Being. Humility – the banner of your existence. Awaken gratitude and thankfulness in your cells and make wonder happen.

You are a magnet; attract and stimulate this virtuous cosmic energy. You’re an orbiting system of humility. The edifice of your enriched existence.

“Humility is the foundation of all the other virtues hence, in the soul in which this virtue does not exist there cannot be any other virtue except in mere appearance.”

-Saint Augustine-

Journal by:

Dr. Shyama Ramsamy


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