A few years ago, I decided to embark on my entrepreneurial journey.  My passion for activewear led to my visionary perfection to look back and fetch “Wellness” as the “New Black”. I realized that wellness was no longer a choice, but a global movement and hence it would be the perfect opportunity for me to start my own activewear/lifestyle brand.

So what’s unique about E’lorm ? I have always envisioned myself to start an ethical and purposeful brand that will serve all mankind. With that in mind I sought the wisdom from an original symbol in my hometown Ghana “ Sankofa” to represent my logo. Sankofa means to return and fetch something that was originally yours. A team of great thinkers aligned nine symbols rooted from Adinkra of the Ashanti people of Ghana which brings togetherness to represent the E’lorm Lifestyle Brand.

The name E’lorm  is derived from LOVE and it represents all that is made out of Pure and Authentic Love. E’lorm brand  represents my passion, dream, ambition, drive and dedication towards wellness and a purposeful lifestyle.

Staying healthily mentally and physically is what E’lorm strongly believes in. While our active wear is designed with ‘YOU’ in mind, we also simplified our brand styles to be worn outside the gym and yoga studio. Our vision is to bring awareness to the simple basics of life - WISDOM, LOVE & UNITY. Our first yoga-wear features these 3 symbols as the 3 Powers endorsing Global Peace.

The key to our active-wear line is that it is extremely adaptable; wearing E’lorm is easy. Being the E’lorm’s creator, I am overwhelmingly interested in promoting the awareness and importance of maintaining an active lifestyle especially to rural areas. 

During my visit to my hometown, Ghana in 2018, I noticed a significant interest in wellness. I always run through extremely dusty weather conditions to a bridge by my house, which many locals frequent for their daily exercise routine. I saw their passion and it moved me to create not just a brand, but a unique one keeping them in mind. My hope is that people around the world will embrace the messages from these symbols and cultivate them in their lifestyle to bring them the fulfillment they need as well as the strength and courage to carry forth whatever their mind or body desires.

E’lorm is a small start-up brand but with a big VISION! I believe that every little step we take in embracing  “wellness ” counts for our longevity. E’lorm's vision is to work with women entrepreneurs around the globe to support wellness. In this spectrum, part of all our proceeds will immediately go to our SANKOFAWORLD FOUNDATION to support our mission and our vision. Let’s move forward together and promote wellness lifestyle fashion! 

“Created from Pure & Authentic Love”. 

Nafisa Braimah 

Founder of E’lorm

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